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Breakfast. We begin the visit of the city: The White Tower, one of the symbols of the
City, The Arch and Rotunda of Emperor Galerius, Aristotle Square and the two churches
Byzantine: Saint Demetrius and Saint Sophia. At the end, departure towards Eges (Bergina), first and
oldest capital of the ancient Macedonians (in 400 BC when King Archealus
moved the capital to Pella, the city of Eges became a sacred monumental city and
necropolis of the Macedonian kings). Visit of the royal tombs, among which those of
Philip, father of Alexander the Great, and that of the emperor himself. Departure to Beria and visit of the
tribune from which Saint Paul addressed the people. Departure to Kalambaka Meteora
passing through the Tempi gorge of Mount Olympus, famous since Antiquity. Arrive to
Kalambaka-Metéora. Accommodation.

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